October 4, 2011

Indian Summer

This weekend, the south of England had record highs for the month of October. It was crazy hot! It was almost Florida weather minus the humidity and the nasty skeeters. Saturday night Billy and I were disappointed by a Caribbean festival in town (it was a really poor effort) so we came home and whipped up Jamaican Jerk Chicken, steamed cabbage, rice and peas (kidney beans), and some cornbread. MMM! Then we watched Kick Ass with dinner and it was surprisingly good.

Sunday was another gorgeous day. We wanted to go to the sea but we didn't feel like making a day of it so we hit up Mersea Island. Its a tiny little village on the North Sea and it was glorious to wear a Florida dress and flip flops in October! Where we are living is actually the area with the best weather in the whole of the UK. I really can't believe I was in old blighty this weekend.

The weird thing though, all the leaves are changing so I am getting excited about fall (Fall is my favorite season because in Florida it is the only cool time of year). But when it feels like mid-July in October its a bit odd.