July 24, 2010

Baked Project #3

Billy and I went to Cairnie Mega Maze in Fife today to pick strawberries and raspberries. We did venture into the Maize Maze and it was fun (though the fuddy duddy didn't think so). I even got to go on a huge trampoline!!

We came back with a ton of fruit and my first attempt to use them up came in the form of Strawberry Bread. It is very similar to Zucchini Bread but the strawberries basically melt. It was an interesting attempt and tasty but I'm just not sure how long the cake will last.

There are more photos of our day on my Flickr site.

July 21, 2010

Baked Project #2

I had to make something to go into the toiletry bag to give as a present so I made brownies!! I love brownies!! And I do make pretty darn good ones if you ask me. It's an old recipe and I think it has the perfect amount of gooeyness. mmm

Sewing Project #6

I worked with oil cloth for the first time and it was a bit troublesome with my presser foot. Once I put on some masking tape it worked much better. I used the tutorial from Prudent Baby. It didn't seem to come out the same as in the tutorial pictures so I think I must have miscalculated somewhere, but I'm happy with the outcome as it is a birthday present for someone.

July 19, 2010

Baked Project #1

Today is my niece's 19th birthday. Though she lives in America I decided to celebrate her birth with some cupcakes that I think she would have loved to eat if she were in Scotland. I'll just have to tell her how good they were!

They are yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing from this recipe. I love the Joy of Baking website. The cake bit wasn't as moist as I would like though I'm not sure if its because the sour cream is different in this country.

They were still good.

July 17, 2010

Sewing Projects #3,4,5

After several longs stints of staring at my clothes in the wardrobe I have found a serious lack of skirts amongst the lot. So I have been determined to fill in the blanks with skirts that I made myself! I have made skirts before when I was a teenager, but nothing more than a simple A-Line pattern.

My first skirt was a puffy skirt sew-along. I think this was a bit ambitious for my first attempt as it wasn't from a store-bought pattern and it had a shirred back!! I nearly broke my machine trying to do the shirring. I had to take it back to the shop and they severely 'tsk tsked' me. But in the end it took me four days to make the three day skirt. Its a bit too small around the waist as I have to put it on over my head.

My second skirt is my favorite thus far. I really wanted a denim skirt like one I had seen in the gap for 50 pounds (my computer doesn't have a pound sign as it is American). I used McCall's 5430. It wasn't exactly like the gap skirt but close enough, though it does not agree with the roaring Scottish wind.

My third skirt is New Look 6872. It was really easy to make and I love the fabric. I just bought some Liberty fabric so I think I will make another one from this pattern.

I think my wardrobe is going to be 80% skirts soon!