December 31, 2011

So Long 2011...

Its funny. I am actually optimistic about 2012. This was not the case for 2011, but I'm happy to say its really turned out pretty good. Last New Years I was terrified about not having enough work, money, happy things to keep me going which continued for the first six months of the year. But then I got a full-time job, moved down south, went to the states twice. Not bad.

I was looking at my resolutions from last year and I only kept one of my resolutions. I got to see my Momma in at the end of June and that was well needed. I came back to the UK and moved to England a day later. Lots of change happened at once but it was such a relief to feel like my old self again. Honestly I started this job when I was miserable and it helped me focus on good things. So for that I am thankful blog though I find when things are going smoothly I don't really update as much.

We've got big plans for this year. Yes I am making long term plans and it feels pretty damn good. One of our plans is to finally take a big trip to one of two of our ultimate destinations: either Japan or New Zealand. We always said one of those would be considered our honeymoon as we skipped out on ours in lieu of me moving to the UK and paying tons on a visa. We are planning a smaller trip to Portugal or Morocco. It doesn't take long to get to the continent or Africa from here so I want to take full advantage. Actually Holland is only a six hour ferry ride across the sea from here but we've already been to Amsterdam.

We may also be adding a new member of the family. We are considering getting a dog (we don't want children. at least not any time in the next few years) but I'm still a bit weary after losing my dog Baby. Its a big step and we have to make sure we are both ready for a new doggie.

I am also determined to lose the weight I have gained since living in this bloody country. I find baking really cathartic and when I was miserable at my old job I baked too much. Also my stupid old resolution to not wear trousers and jeans was a bad idea!! When you only wear tights you don't realise your waistband is expanding! So I've joined Weight Watchers online to lose a stone and a half. This is a warning that I may be using this blog to moan about this! The good thing is that we are trying loads of new healthy recipes including Caribbean chicken with Mango salsa that we are having tonight (its a ww recipe believe it or not).

But I unfortunately have to work tonight and tomorrow and the day after that all of which Billy is off. Boo. So Happy Hogmanay!!

PS This is one of my film images from NYC that I scanned the other day for the first time. It was from the Occupy Wall Street movement back in November.

December 27, 2011

Chirstmas is over :(

No that isn't a spelling mistake. I hung up a bunting banner I made last year and it took both Billy and I ages to realize I had mixed up the letters. We left it that way because, well, we couldn't be bothered changing it so now it is Chirstmas!

I am sad everything is over. I spent most of Chirstmas Eve, all of Christmas day and Boxing Day with a miserable sore throat. It literally felt like I was swallowing glass. So yay. It really sucked the big one but at least I could still taste things.

I got loads of amazing gifts this year including a deluxe lomography diana f+ kit! and hunter wellies! and lots of craft books. I feel terribly spoiled. I ended the night feeling very British sipping tea and watching Doctor Who and Downton Abbey.

My holiday wasn't all sickness though. We went into London on Billy's birthday (the 23rd) and went to Borough Market to eat amazing food and drink mulled wine.

All and all it was lovely but I think we are both missing being with family over the holiday. I told my moma that next year were going to be together. Now I have to go back to work tomorrow (boo) and I'll be working over the New Year holidays. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Chirstmas.

PS... I finally got my scanner so I've spent the last several hours finally scanning my NYC photos and a huge stack of Polaroids that have been piling up. I will be uploading them soon!