May 31, 2011

Not vermin...

I have packed all my craft supplies except some cross stitch supplies. I attempted to cs once before but it gave me a tremendous headache so I stopped. But I found the cutest patterns from Sewingseed on Etsy.

You can see a lot of the aida cloth through the stitches so I'm not completely happy with it, but its a squirrel so its okay. I had a pet squirrel when I was a wee lass and his name was Baby the Squirrel. His momma was run over by a car so we saved him and he'd would sleep in my momma's shirt because he loved her warmth and the beating of her heart.

So I like squirrels even poorly cross stitched ones.

May 20, 2011

a new home- well kindof

The next 6 months are going to be a odd for Team Sully (yes that is what my husband and I call ourselves Su + Billy = Sully please don't judge us to badly). We get back from Florida in July and the day after I have to move all by myself down south. We're not sure when Billy will be able to move too because it all depends on his job and/or finding a new one.

We are definitely counting on being a part for two months but hopefully it won't be any more than that. So we will both have a flat and our stuff will be separated between the two.

So I am filling my pre-move days looking for stuff to fill our new home with. We have a very limited budget and as we are going from a fully furnished flat to an unfurnished one we will have to rely heavily on charity shops and yes, Ikea.

We are in the market for a new couch! Years of having a narrow two seater has given us a great appreciation for comfy couches. We love love love the Emlyn couch at Habitat but the price tag isn't very loveable. Yikes. So instead we will probably go with an Ikea 3-seater. I think it's really important to have it washable because Billy is very clumsy with his wine glasses (he's broken most of them and spilled loads everywhere).

We also need a bed. We will be going from a queen sized (there isn't a king size in the UK maybe because there isn't a King?) to a double and I'm not that keen. I like my cuddles but then I like my space when I'm sleeping. But we are probably going for one with storage underneath (yay I don't have to be afraid someone is hiding there when I'm all alone!!). But to start off with we will probably get a futon-ish thing while I'm on my own so I have a couch/bed which will later be moved into the second bedroom (yes we'll have two bedrooms!!).

Okay so I should add that I've never really felt like I've had a grown up place because I lived like a college student long after I was out of college (hey photographers aren't paid well in the states). But now it feels like whoa I'm married and we are putting together a home.

Here are some more things I want to make on my lonely nights in England:


May 15, 2011

I hate packing!

My sewing machine, knitting needles, and all other craft supplies have been boxed up even though I'm not moving for ages. We had to pack up my box room/ craft room/ photographic gear room first so that we can pack everything else up in there. I don't have a flat to move into and we're not giving up our flat here until August (maybe I'll be able to catch a little bit of the Edinburgh Festival).

Billy's job has decided to be fairly uncooperative in our move, not allowing him to work from their London office. So now we are not sure when he'll be able to move in with me. Grr.

I have been on a lot of sites getting inspiration for my new flat, wherever it may be, and I'd like to get started but alas I must wait until after the move in July. I guess I'll have plenty of time to do crafty stuff when I am sans husband.

ps this is a photo I found of the town we will most likely be moving to. It's Britain's oldest recorded town and was a Roman centre so there is loads of quaint cottages about. It is also a large London commuter mecca so I'll probably be in newish housing which isn't great but we'll see.

May 7, 2011

Big News....

So I’ve been incredibly busy the past month and I spent the better part of last week down in England. A very, very long story short, I have accepted a job as a senior photojournalist. So I will be living 50 minutes outside London where my husband will have to commute (if his job will let him) while I cover a large area of England.

I have been in a constant state of flux for weeks and I am really happy that a decision has been made. I can’t go into details quite yet so I have to be careful not to seriously spill the beans until I get the go ahead.

The sad thing is that my husband and I will be separated for a while until his job gives him the go ahead to work out of their London office. Boo.

And I will really, really miss Edinburgh. I love this city so much and now that I can navigate it so easily I am picking up and leaving. I have moved so many times in the last decade that it’s not a huge deal but this was my first marital home so I will miss it.

(PS The photo is my husband's taken on a recent day out in Edinburgh- see how pretty it is here!)