September 22, 2010

Baked Project #9

So I am sick yet again and today I was craving something nice and kind of healthy. I baked Banana Nut muffins but they came out more like blah-nana muffins. This recipe was so tasteless! I usually use a different recipe to make banana loaves but I thought I'd try something new. Big mistake. I will stick with my old recipe.

September 13, 2010

Knitting Project #3

This wasn't the hat that I was going to make, but after having no luck finding double pointed needles US 10 in the UK, I decided to try something else. I usually shy away from things that are just purl or knit because I don't find them very challenging but I have to admit I really love this hat. It took no time at all and was a very relaxing project, which is what I need right now.

It's called the Republic hat and it was a free ravelry pattern. I actually knitted a bit more than I needed to because I was someone was visiting and I was knitting and talking at the same time (a bad combination for me!!). But it fits me perfectly. I used Big Softie yarn from Sirdar and I love it because its soft and its cheap!!

September 11, 2010

Baked Project #8

I finished another week off work by baking some cookies to keep my sanity. The recipe says the last chocolate chip cookie you'll ever make. I'm not convinced. It is not a bad recipe by any means but it is not the best. I've made it twice, the first time using the chocolate called for. It was far to bitter and I ended up throwing away the whole batch.

This time I used milk chocolate with a bar of white chocolate thrown in and it came out much better. I grew up making chocolate chip cookies based on an old aunt's (that I never met) recipe that was sneakily similar to the one on the back of the nestle tollhouse chocolate chip bag! To be fair to the aunt her small changes do make a big difference.

Anyways, I live in Scotland and I can't get nestle tollhouse here. And if by chance I do find it, it is usually in places like Harvey Nicks where you have to mortgage your place to buy anything. So I used Sainsbury brand chocolate and its just not the same.

So I think I will continue looking for a chocolate chip (or chunk like this recipe is) recipe.

September 4, 2010

Baked Project #7

I made cheesecake!! It was my first ever attempt at the cheesy goodness and it was really successful. I didn't even like cheesecake until I got married and then my husband extolled its greatness upon me.

It is made with strawberries in it and with a strawberry syrup on top. It was supposed to be raspberry but the shop didn't have any today. I am going to try it again with raspberries or maybe blackberries next time.

I haven't had much time lately to make anything due to a redesign of my website that is taking ages. But I did start a sewing class and am making my first dress! I have been to two classes thus far and I already have most of the bodice made. I bought gorgeous Liberty fabric and I want to wear it on my anniversary on the 27th. We are going to Amsterdam and I think the dress will be perfect for a night out.