September 11, 2010

Baked Project #8

I finished another week off work by baking some cookies to keep my sanity. The recipe says the last chocolate chip cookie you'll ever make. I'm not convinced. It is not a bad recipe by any means but it is not the best. I've made it twice, the first time using the chocolate called for. It was far to bitter and I ended up throwing away the whole batch.

This time I used milk chocolate with a bar of white chocolate thrown in and it came out much better. I grew up making chocolate chip cookies based on an old aunt's (that I never met) recipe that was sneakily similar to the one on the back of the nestle tollhouse chocolate chip bag! To be fair to the aunt her small changes do make a big difference.

Anyways, I live in Scotland and I can't get nestle tollhouse here. And if by chance I do find it, it is usually in places like Harvey Nicks where you have to mortgage your place to buy anything. So I used Sainsbury brand chocolate and its just not the same.

So I think I will continue looking for a chocolate chip (or chunk like this recipe is) recipe.

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