January 28, 2011

Sewing Project #13

Yay to my third dress! I think this one is my favorite though there were many problems with it. This is my second dress with sleeves and I added a collar, which was very problematic. I used this tutorial to draft it but the shoulder area was awkward and it actually overlapped in the front a bit.

This one came out better than the last one and I really think I might revisit the back of my stripey dress. I am now searching for a full skirt shirt waist dress pattern to make. I need a dress for my mother-in-law's wedding in April and I think I may go with a petticoat under my dress! I know scandalous. But the north of Scotland is an odd place and I'll stick out no matter how I dress. But it will definitely have a full-skirt.

January 22, 2011

Sewing Project #12

My husband stayed overnight in Manchester for business this week so I decided to fill my night with a sewing project. I used the same pattern as my first dress but I used version B and stashed Ikea fabric.

While sewing I channeled my all-time-favorite movie the Parent Trap. I know this movie by heart and ever since seeing it for the first time in elementary school its been special to me.
I was destined to love this movie. One character's name is Susan, hey that's my name. But to top it off the twins birthday is November 12th!! But my birthday is November 12th. It was a great moment when I knew this movie was made just for me.

The clothing is sublime. I went through a phase in fourth and fifth grade where my mom and I went to consignment shoppes to find long fifty-style skirts and I went on a mission to find black and white oxford shoes to complete my ensemble. I want to make every outfit from this movie, especially the yellow dress Susan/Sharon wears on her trip to California.

So this dress is my attempt to live out my fascination with the Parent Trap. Come on, even the camp clothing is amazing!! Whatever you do don't mention the remake. It hurts my eyes to see Lindsay Lohan act.

January 19, 2011

An announcement...

I am going to be running the Radar Picture Desk! Radar is the music site for the Scotsman (Scotland's biggest newspaper) and it covers the Scottish music scene. I have been shooting for them since I moved to the UK and when this opportunity arose I took it. It should be interesting and we are planning a lot of music-related photostories to accompany the new desk. I spent last night shooting in a rehearsal room for a very loud band and my ears are still ringing.

January 9, 2011

Website update...

I finally have two new sections done on my website. I have been playing around with embedding fonts and it does my head in but I'm getting there. I have been compiling photos of Edinburgh for ages so I decided to split my selects into the different seasons, except well Edinburgh only really has spring, fall and winter. Summer lasts about a week and for a born and raised Floridian, that isn't really enough heat to sustain me for the year.



January 7, 2011

It's offical, I'm legal!

I did a little happy dance when this package arrived. I got my Indefinite Leave to Remain visa today. It means I can stay in the country as long as I don't pull a bank heist or something. The photo came out really strange. It reminds me of Pee Wee Herman at the end of his Big Adventure when he wore red lipstick while playing a desk clerk. I know random but I don't mind it so much. I just wish I was allowed to smile a little. Next up I have to wait another year or so to get citizenship! It will be weird having passports from two countries.

It was a really good post day...

My friend Natalia sent us a package of photos from her visit in August. I feel really bad because I felt like poo when she was here and Billy had to take the tour reins. I really like this photo from up on Calton Hill (best views of Edinburgh) except that a) I hadn't showered because our other guests had to leave that morning and we did a rush tour b) I was wearing my pajamas under my trench because I literally rolled out of bed and left the flat c) I had a chest infection d) because of a, b and c I was not make-up-ed at all. But I think we look happy. We don't have many photos of us not from our wedding. Thanks Natalia!


I have been doing a lot of housekeeping this week. Our flat was wrecked after the holidays and we finally got the Christmas tree out yesterday (I had to wait for recycling day). I have also been catching up on a lot of work I put off during the holidays. I've processed sooo many photos this week and I had a shoot with a 15 year-old girl (photo above). I have been a good-girl by sticking to my resolution to dun dun dun... exercise. Blah I hate it but I do feel better (when I'm not having back spasms).

Not much else is going on. I've been feeling quite blah this week. I am so sick of this flat but we have no money to move. Mold is taking over the bathroom; after almost being crushed to death but our top cabinet coming off the wall a few months ago, our drawer for our pots and pans completely came off. Its a nice flat in an 1700's tenement building with minimal character but I'm not used to staying in one place for this long.

And to top if off I've been looking at a lot of lovely blogs and been really jealous of some of the apt/flat/house/condos that I've seen. I wish I could live in an unfurnished flat with character!

January 1, 2011


Check out my 2010 photo slideshow here.

Last year my resolution was to only wear skirts and dresses for a year. Well, I made it till August and then I got really nostalgic for denim. I also made a resolution to look more put together so I decided that I would always have my nails painted. This lasted until September when I went off work with anxiety and couldn’t be bothered. But I think those were two very admirable attempts at ke
eping resolutions. Hopefully this year I can do better.

See my momma this year-

I am a big momma’s girl. She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known and I am a very, very lucky girl. If she can’t get over here to visit I am going to have to go home.

Get back to my pre-wedding weight-
I have already downloaded a bunch of workout videos to get me started until it warms up. I plan on taking the bike out a lot and riding along Billy as he runs. I sing the theme from Rocky to him to keep him going. The thing is, I HATE EXERCISING. It is so boring and I can’t keep it up for long periods, so once I get down to my target weight I will stop. Oh and if someone ever says that going to the gym won’t kill you don’t believe them. I almost died in a car crash whilst on my way to work out at the gym!

Make almost every new item of clothing I get-

I am pretty skint right now and I can’t afford much fabric or wool so this may be difficult, but I would really like to make most of clothes. I want to a few versions of my last dress and a bunch of dirndl skirts.

To get over to the continent this year-

I know I have said this before, but we are skint right now but I would really like to get back over to Continental Europe this year. Paris is pretty cheap to get to and though we’ve both been a few times, we’ve never been together. We would also like to go back to Spain or maybe Portugal. We’ll see what deals we can get.