January 22, 2011

Sewing Project #12

My husband stayed overnight in Manchester for business this week so I decided to fill my night with a sewing project. I used the same pattern as my first dress but I used version B and stashed Ikea fabric.

While sewing I channeled my all-time-favorite movie the Parent Trap. I know this movie by heart and ever since seeing it for the first time in elementary school its been special to me.
I was destined to love this movie. One character's name is Susan, hey that's my name. But to top it off the twins birthday is November 12th!! But my birthday is November 12th. It was a great moment when I knew this movie was made just for me.

The clothing is sublime. I went through a phase in fourth and fifth grade where my mom and I went to consignment shoppes to find long fifty-style skirts and I went on a mission to find black and white oxford shoes to complete my ensemble. I want to make every outfit from this movie, especially the yellow dress Susan/Sharon wears on her trip to California.

So this dress is my attempt to live out my fascination with the Parent Trap. Come on, even the camp clothing is amazing!! Whatever you do don't mention the remake. It hurts my eyes to see Lindsay Lohan act.


  1. ...I never watched Parent Trap!
    cool dress :)

  2. oh no! you must go watch it soon. its the best!