January 7, 2011

It's offical, I'm legal!

I did a little happy dance when this package arrived. I got my Indefinite Leave to Remain visa today. It means I can stay in the country as long as I don't pull a bank heist or something. The photo came out really strange. It reminds me of Pee Wee Herman at the end of his Big Adventure when he wore red lipstick while playing a desk clerk. I know random but I don't mind it so much. I just wish I was allowed to smile a little. Next up I have to wait another year or so to get citizenship! It will be weird having passports from two countries.

It was a really good post day...

My friend Natalia sent us a package of photos from her visit in August. I feel really bad because I felt like poo when she was here and Billy had to take the tour reins. I really like this photo from up on Calton Hill (best views of Edinburgh) except that a) I hadn't showered because our other guests had to leave that morning and we did a rush tour b) I was wearing my pajamas under my trench because I literally rolled out of bed and left the flat c) I had a chest infection d) because of a, b and c I was not make-up-ed at all. But I think we look happy. We don't have many photos of us not from our wedding. Thanks Natalia!


  1. good for you!
    anyway, pulling a bank heist is too much trouble ;)

  2. Thanks! Its really nice knowing I won't be deported at any moment.