January 1, 2011


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Last year my resolution was to only wear skirts and dresses for a year. Well, I made it till August and then I got really nostalgic for denim. I also made a resolution to look more put together so I decided that I would always have my nails painted. This lasted until September when I went off work with anxiety and couldn’t be bothered. But I think those were two very admirable attempts at ke
eping resolutions. Hopefully this year I can do better.

See my momma this year-

I am a big momma’s girl. She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known and I am a very, very lucky girl. If she can’t get over here to visit I am going to have to go home.

Get back to my pre-wedding weight-
I have already downloaded a bunch of workout videos to get me started until it warms up. I plan on taking the bike out a lot and riding along Billy as he runs. I sing the theme from Rocky to him to keep him going. The thing is, I HATE EXERCISING. It is so boring and I can’t keep it up for long periods, so once I get down to my target weight I will stop. Oh and if someone ever says that going to the gym won’t kill you don’t believe them. I almost died in a car crash whilst on my way to work out at the gym!

Make almost every new item of clothing I get-

I am pretty skint right now and I can’t afford much fabric or wool so this may be difficult, but I would really like to make most of clothes. I want to a few versions of my last dress and a bunch of dirndl skirts.

To get over to the continent this year-

I know I have said this before, but we are skint right now but I would really like to get back over to Continental Europe this year. Paris is pretty cheap to get to and though we’ve both been a few times, we’ve never been together. We would also like to go back to Spain or maybe Portugal. We’ll see what deals we can get.

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