January 7, 2011


I have been doing a lot of housekeeping this week. Our flat was wrecked after the holidays and we finally got the Christmas tree out yesterday (I had to wait for recycling day). I have also been catching up on a lot of work I put off during the holidays. I've processed sooo many photos this week and I had a shoot with a 15 year-old girl (photo above). I have been a good-girl by sticking to my resolution to dun dun dun... exercise. Blah I hate it but I do feel better (when I'm not having back spasms).

Not much else is going on. I've been feeling quite blah this week. I am so sick of this flat but we have no money to move. Mold is taking over the bathroom; after almost being crushed to death but our top cabinet coming off the wall a few months ago, our drawer for our pots and pans completely came off. Its a nice flat in an 1700's tenement building with minimal character but I'm not used to staying in one place for this long.

And to top if off I've been looking at a lot of lovely blogs and been really jealous of some of the apt/flat/house/condos that I've seen. I wish I could live in an unfurnished flat with character!

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