May 15, 2011

I hate packing!

My sewing machine, knitting needles, and all other craft supplies have been boxed up even though I'm not moving for ages. We had to pack up my box room/ craft room/ photographic gear room first so that we can pack everything else up in there. I don't have a flat to move into and we're not giving up our flat here until August (maybe I'll be able to catch a little bit of the Edinburgh Festival).

Billy's job has decided to be fairly uncooperative in our move, not allowing him to work from their London office. So now we are not sure when he'll be able to move in with me. Grr.

I have been on a lot of sites getting inspiration for my new flat, wherever it may be, and I'd like to get started but alas I must wait until after the move in July. I guess I'll have plenty of time to do crafty stuff when I am sans husband.

ps this is a photo I found of the town we will most likely be moving to. It's Britain's oldest recorded town and was a Roman centre so there is loads of quaint cottages about. It is also a large London commuter mecca so I'll probably be in newish housing which isn't great but we'll see.

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