December 27, 2011

Chirstmas is over :(

No that isn't a spelling mistake. I hung up a bunting banner I made last year and it took both Billy and I ages to realize I had mixed up the letters. We left it that way because, well, we couldn't be bothered changing it so now it is Chirstmas!

I am sad everything is over. I spent most of Chirstmas Eve, all of Christmas day and Boxing Day with a miserable sore throat. It literally felt like I was swallowing glass. So yay. It really sucked the big one but at least I could still taste things.

I got loads of amazing gifts this year including a deluxe lomography diana f+ kit! and hunter wellies! and lots of craft books. I feel terribly spoiled. I ended the night feeling very British sipping tea and watching Doctor Who and Downton Abbey.

My holiday wasn't all sickness though. We went into London on Billy's birthday (the 23rd) and went to Borough Market to eat amazing food and drink mulled wine.

All and all it was lovely but I think we are both missing being with family over the holiday. I told my moma that next year were going to be together. Now I have to go back to work tomorrow (boo) and I'll be working over the New Year holidays. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Chirstmas.

PS... I finally got my scanner so I've spent the last several hours finally scanning my NYC photos and a huge stack of Polaroids that have been piling up. I will be uploading them soon!

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