August 26, 2011

The English Countryside

Part of my new job working for regional newspapers and magazines takes me out into the countryside. I went to shoot an event near the sea side today and on my way I found a store that sells "Shabby Chic" furniture. I popped in on my way home and found loads of old farmhouse tables, which I have been looking for to add a touch of old to my modern home. There was also a Victorian school desk for only £60! I really want it but I have to get the okay from my better half ie my half that is actually responsible with money.

A few days ago I went to photograph a fatal train accident and afterwards found two amazing antique shops. The first one had an amazing old police bicycle and a vintage body form in amazing condition. In the second shop there was a beautiful leather bag and a set of 6 chapel chairs.

Now I didn't get any of these amazing things but I hope to find more things once I have some moola!

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