August 27, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

I know, I know, it's been way too long. Four wholes months have passed since my last post and to recap what's been going on I have compiled a series of lists.

Here goes:

Number of Holidays Went On:    1 

My mom and her partner Gregg came over in July for two weeks and in that time we all fly up to Edinburgh and spent a few days doing touristy things and visiting old friends. Then we rented a car and I drove up to the highlands. I booked a remote cottage in the middle of the Glencoe mountains and my in-laws ventured down from further north to meet us for a few days. 

We had an amazing time staying smack-dab in the middle of the most stunning mountains I have ever seen. We celebrated the 4th of July grilling hot dogs and burgers in the Highland rain with haggis, neeps and tatties. It was a very odd mix but it worked! Then we can back down to England… boo.

Number of Books Read:    6

Wildwood, Under Wildwood, Where'd You Go, Bernadette?, The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Penelope

Number of Horrible Job Interviews:    1 

No comment.

Number of Exotic Animals I've Cuddled:     1 Troop

I went to Colchester Zoo to photograph the Director. We wanted to get photos of him with animals and he took me in to the Lemur enclosure. I didn't realize we'd be right in among them and I was blown away by the critters!! They have the softest pads on their paws. I was in love!!

Number of Crafty Things I've Made:    7+

My mother's visit rekindled my love of jewellery making while she was here and I've played around with a few pieces (see next post) while planning some cool ones. Did you know my mother is super talented and makes her own glasses beads at her house in Florida.

Number of Music Festivals Attended:    1ish

I've only paid to go to one festival, Field Day, in London back in May, but I have covered a few for work. Billy's best mate Brian and his boyfriend Matt came over from Belfast for the weekend so it was really fun! Oh and I got to see Animal Collective for the first time. Here's a little Su fact: I picked one of their songs to walk "down the aisle" to at my wedding.

Number of Sick Days:    2 1/2

I came down with some bug the week after mom's left and I chalk it up to all the traveling I did and forgetting to take my vitamins regularly.

Number of Buildings I've Scaled:     1

I went to photograph the mayor of Colchester abseiling down Town Hall for charity one Sunday. I asked to take photos from the top 100 feet up in the air and they had to strap me in to get the shoots. After I was done they said they quickest way down was to climb down the facade. Without hesitation I said "YES!" and proceeded to learning how to do it while passing my camera gear off to one of the men in charge. 

Lets say I've never done anything like this and I thought I had to keep my feet on building and when I came down a ledge my feet came away and my shoulder hit the building while the crowd collectively sucked in a breath. But I'm alive and I did it before the mayor! 

Number of Athletic Pursuits:    3 (almost 4)

I am super in to cycling these days. Billy and I try and get out on our bikes as much as possible during the week and we average a ten mile ride at the weekend. I want to work up to a huge cycling trip next year. I am also really loving pilates. I am going once a week now but I think I'd like to up it to two to really see the benefits. Apart from going to the gym (not as regularly as I should) I am starting a yoga class next week too.

Number of times I went to write a blog post and then procrastinated:    87

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