September 6, 2011

East of England

I come from a city in South Florida where the only mountain is the dump and the oldest house is from the 1950's. If you would of told me when I was a wee lass that I'd be living in the English countryside I wouldn't of believed it and really couldn't fathom how I'd get here. But here I am. Its really funny when people around here try to figure out my accent. Naturally it has a bit of a southern twang especially when I say things like bird. It comes out buurd.

I have been asked if I'm Northern Irish, South African, Australian, Scottish (I actually get that the most probably because my husband is Scottish and I just moved from Edinburgh) but the funniest is Canadian. People say to me often: "Well I'm going to say you're Canadian because I don't want to offend you by saying you're American."

Anyways, the reason for my post is to put up some photos from the seaside I took today after an assignment at the Felixstowe Ferry, which is a shipyard for smaller boats. Felixstowe was a mecca for Victorian people to come and holiday made popular by Queen Victoria herself staying there and also because the water was deemed just as healthy as the waters in Bath, England. It's still a popular spot but most people opt for the seaside at Southwold these days. I'm going to put up more photos from these places because there is so much history here.

Back home in Florida, people eager for the old timey values of community that are nurtured naturally in English villages, created a subdivision complete with town hall in the swamps west of town and named it "Tradition." This synthetic history makes me cringe and at the same times makes me happy to live somewhere steeped in history.

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