February 16, 2012

My Valentine...

I am on my couch in my jammies under a patchwork quilt and crocheting a rug of all things. I just finished a 7-day work week and I am knackered. We have lost three photographers at work and as two of our remaining photogs were on holiday this week I've been overworked. I am listening to BBC radio Suffolk whilst typing this because my boss, whose jobs was made redundant, is about to give a radio interview. He's really upset by what went down and even more pissed because his bosses made it seem like he was choosing to leave in the article they put into the paper praising his work over 30 plus years.

Today is Billy's first day back at work as he has been super ill since last Thursday. I had to work on Valentine's Day and had to work later than usual so I was expecting a very low-key night. To my surprise I came home to heart-shaped shortbread cookies, red roses and a card that made me cry. I brought him home some insulation for the doors. I think we know who is the romantic in our relationship. I'm hoping to be making more things to blog about but I'm super tired when I get home.

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