April 2, 2012

I woke up this morning to see my new camera waiting for me on the kitchen table! Yay! I have been wanting a Polaroid land camera for ages and I've occasionally bid on one on EBay always losing out as the price went up too much for my wallet. To my surprise, I won the camera which happens to be the same amount of money I won in the office raffle so I think it was fate.

Now, when I buy a camera, Billy usually asks "Don't you already have that camera," or "Do you really need another camera?". Well the answers are no and yes. Yeah, I do have a lot of film cameras (far more than what is pictured in the photo above). It started by picking up cameras at garage sells and thrift stores regardless of whether they work or not. Now I try and get specific cameras that must work.

My new Polaroid Land Camera 104 circa 1965 was the first land camera produced for retail as it is made of plastic lenses rather than glass which made it much lighter and far more economical.

I shoot digital everyday and it can become really boring. I love shooting film and not knowing how the image will turn out. I love Polaroid even more. I think a lot of Polaroid cameras are selling cheaper these days as people think you can't get film for it. Where some older models are completely obsolete, most cameras take modern Fuji instant film (or the Impossible Project instant film).

I'm super excited about my new camera!


  1. Drool worthy, what a beaut. Your camera collection is stunning. Do you still have the old original Pentax?

  2. Unfortunately my Pentax is hiding somewhere in my sister's house (the house on Bonita Court) and I've asked her to find it many times to no avail. Boo.