April 9, 2012

Veg Box Recipes 7, 8 & 9

Its been 3 weeks without meat and I haven’t missed one bite of it. Billy is hankering for some pork or beef but I think his Scottish Highlander genes aren’t programmed for a veggie diet. Up north where he’s from, chips (French fries) are considered a vegetable and green things are just for garnish.

It’s a really funny contrast from Billy’s side of the family to my mom. Not only is my mom not a fan of meat, she recently went vegan. I guess living in the sun and sand of South Florida leads for better lifestyle food wise as she eats quinoa and spelt and loads of veg. She grows mangoes and bananas and mulberries, which are blooming right now. I actually eat my breakfast by going in her back yard and picking the freshest items. Yum.

Last week’s veg box was a bit super sized as we’re aren’t getting one this week. Boo! We’ve used up quite a bit but we are finding loads of carrots and leeks leftover. These recipes are from the second week’s box and we’ve already made one recipe twice as it was super good.

That was the roasted tomato, halloumi and quinoa salad { 7}. I love halloumi but have never tried to make something with it at home. The second time Billy made it and roasted the peppers as well as the tomatoes for a different taste.

I made another stir fry { 8 } to use up carrots, spinach, broccoli and onions from the box. We usually get big udon noodles that come already cooked and only need heating, but I found wholewheat organic udons at Waitrose and I really prefer them to the old kind.

I needed to use up our cabbage on Tuesday night, so I made a stuffed cabbage recipe { 9 } from the Veg book that had a spelt filling and a tomato sauce topping. I really liked the stuffed leaves until the next morning when I felt really nauseous and now even looking at them make me a little sick. I’m pretty sure the nausea is unrelated to the cabbage but when I opened the fridge and saw the leftovers my stomach turned so who knows.


  1. Suite Su ~!
    What a loverly post. I love when I remember to check my followed blogs and there are new posts by you. It's amazing that you're getting into veganism, your posts are inspiring and sound yummy! Well, aside from the cabbage, lol. I have been knitting a lot and did some cables a while back with your encouragement, it was a success! I've been dyeing yarns lately, I think if you're still into knitting it'd be something you'd love trying, and if not I would love to send you some of the yarns I've dyed! Hope you are well my dear ♥ love your posts.


  2. I have never dyed yarn before. That sounds really interesting. I was spoiled for years living in Scotland surrounded by the most amazing yarn so I never thought to experiment with changing the colour(btw, all yarn is called wool here even if it isn't made of wool!). I would love to sample some of your handiwork. I find my knitting is cyclical as I choose other crafts during the warmer months and return to knitting again Autumn. Congrats on the cables. See they are totally easier than they look!