December 4, 2012

Cross Stitch Project #2-5 / Embroidery Project #3

I've sorely neglected this blog in the last few months and now I have to play massive catch-up. I made these projects a few months ago and now they are hanging on my bedroom wall. My bedroom will be a post on its own as it is undergoing serious style refurbishment as it was also very neglected (see a theme here). I got bored with the cross stitching after awhile so I added in a little embroidered salsa lady that kind of reminds me of my sassy Mo'ma.

I really like embroidery but I feel like my cross stitch always looks better because I use the Aida fabric specifically made for the craft. I use left over fabric for embroidery (this one was a cotton sheet with fusible webbing to make it stronger) but I don't love it. I think if I bought linen I might like the results better.

I have red Aida fabric and was going to cross stitch some Christmas ornaments but I bought it off a roll and ended up getting the kind with smaller holes that are really hard to see and not very fun to work with so we'll see if I can handle it.

I 've also knitted myself a hat and a cowl, but that will wait for a future post. I am crocheting covers for stools we just bought to go with our new kitchen island. And lastly I finished the top of my quilt and have to wait until Christmas is over and I can afford the batting and back fabric.

So you see I haven't just been sitting here in the cold doing nothing!

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