December 31, 2012


This year started off with a round of redundancies at work, my husband unhappy with his job and lots of anxiety about not knowing what was going to happen.

This year ended pretty good. Both my husband and I got down to our goal weights (I lost twenty pounds!) though its shifted up a bit with all the Christmas food. Billy is happy with his job and no longer leaves a 6am and returns at 9pm as he did at his old job in London.

Here are the highlights of my year:

I stopped eatting meat for five months to make the most of our orgainic veg box and in the process started taking loads of vitamins that I still take. (That is always a new year's resolution that I forget to do). I'm now back to a carnavore.

In January we went to the Cotswolds to visit friends:

We took our annual May holiday in Copenhagen home to my great grandfather.

In July, Olympic fever took over and I got to follow the torch around England.

In August I got to fly over Suffolk in a helicopter which made a centre spread in my paper.

 In September we went home to Florida to see my family and had a few days to ourselves in Key West for our fourth wedding anniversary.

For Billy's birthday on December 23rd we went on the London Eye and ate Danish pancakes before meeting friends for bowling on Brick Lane.

It was a pretty good year and I hope next year is even better! Click here to see my work photos of the year.


  1. SUSANA ~ I can NOT get over what a beautiful woman you have become. I love when I remember you have a blog and come here and find all kinds of magical things! I have the same grey peacoat as you in your first image up there :-D it's really cute but mine is SO bulky haha.

    I'd love so much to run into you again someday, it seems like such an impossibility now, I never would've imagined! Please blog forever, your blog is so well designed and fun.


  2. Aww thanks for the lovely comment Kimbo. Unfortunately I've been neglecting this blog recently due to having to blog for work (I can only due so much blogging a day before my brain starts to hurt). But I'm finishing up a few projects I hope to add soon.

    Hope you are well and maybe we'll both be in Florida at the same time someday.