August 28, 2014

Vegan Tofu Quiche

I never liked omelettes, fried eggs or egg salad sandwiches. I had a thing about eating the yolk. I don’t know why but it really wigged me out. Maybe I intrinsically knew how gross eggs are. Quiche therefore wasn’t even an option for me and I hated my mom’s potato salad for the same reason.

One day (I actually know the exact day- Halloween 1997- and I was sitting on my sister’s porch and she was curling my blonde wig for my Marilyn Monroe costume) out of nowhere I said “I want mom’s potato salad.” This was a dish I had dodged for years at barbeques, family picnics and holidays. It was full of potatoes (duh), pickles, onions and yes eggs.

To this day it is one of my favourite dishes (my mom is happy to adapt it for individual needs). After this revelation I became open to other egg-related dishes and when I was 19 I tried quiche for the first time. Honestly it was full of things I love: broccoli, cheese and pastry goodness. After that I was hooked.

Now that I am trying to cut out dairy products I am trying to find new recipes for my old favourites. I have been perusing the vegan blog “Oh She Glows” for months bookmarking yummy dishes and having very good intentions of making them.

Yesterday I was looking for a healthy dinner recipe and I opted to try the Sun-dried Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach TofuQuiche. I really loved the idea of using almonds and oats for the base. It turned out to be fairly sweet and would probably make a good cheesecake base.

It was also the first time I’ve baked with tofu. I’ve cooked with it but creaming tofu was a new experience. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms but when I had all the ingredients simmering in the wok I couldn’t stop myself from taking bite after bite- quality control I assure you.

I was really surprised by how flavourful the filling was even without the “nutritional yeast,” which I couldn’t find in the shop. I’ve never had it before and I had to Google it when I saw it in the recipe. It evidently adds a cheesy flavour to sauces but I can tell you the filling really didn’t need it.

All together this was a very successful recipe (I didn’t follow all the measurements exactly as I tend to just eyeball it). My husband really liked it and proceeded to have the leftovers for lunch and again for dinner. Oh She Glows is a really inspiring blog for a new non-diary cook/baker and I will for sure be making more things for her recipes in the future.

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