October 9, 2014

My Favourite Things: Veggi Wash

I am not a clean freak. When I clean my house I make sure I get under every piece of furniture, but I don’t need to hoover everyday. But I am a bit of a germophobe. When I worked in forensics I’d be at murder scenes where blood was splattered everywhere and I’d come back and have to take multiple showers.

I wore work clothes and a white zip-up forensic suit but I’d still launder my home clothes several times because they were on me after I’d been at a scene. I handled objects that had been at scenes everyday and they encouraged you to use hand sanitizer, which I did- constantly. I wore a bottle hooked on my belt loop.

This fostered a need for clean hands constantly and now I also need to have clean food. I wash every bit of food I eat, even if it has skin that you pull off before eating.

There are certain products that make my life easier and there are other products that I love because they make my life better. Veggi Wash falls in the latter category.

Veggi Wash is an amazing product that cleans all the dirt and pesticides off my fruit and veg. The best is when I clean a bag of spinach. You pour a capful of the wash into a bowl of water and after soaking the spinach for a while I pick it out the water leaving a bunch of dirt at the bottom of the bowl! Its rewarding knowing you have really cleaned your food.

I get the wash at my local health food shop and one bottle lasts for ages. It comes in real handy when I’m juicing. When you’re doing so well to get the healthiest food in your body you don’t want to be drinking pesticides (even organic fruit and veg can have yucky stuff on it).

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