October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Graduation Day

I love this photo. It’s my graduation day in 2005. I had been through two ceremonies the day before for Newhouse, where I got my photoj degree, and arts and science, for my anthropology degree. This day was the graduation ceremony with the entire graduating class and our speaker began by speaking in chimpanzee.

Yep, it’s the awesome Jane Goodall. When she looked down on the sea of cap and gowns she would have seen inflatable apes being tossed around and monkeys hanging from nearly every student’s mortarboard. My biological anthropology professor must have been going mental since neither or those are Chimpanzees!

After the ceremony I took my family (my mom, sister and my niece and nephew) to our photo studio to take a family portrait and then we headed over to the Schine Student Centre (I totally had to Google that because I couldn’t remember the name) and we queued up to have books signed by Goodall.

When it was our turn I asked if I could have a photo taken with her and she agreed. You can see how thrilled she is to have her photo taken with me! I still love this photo because it was the first time I’d met someone famous who I actually admired and I had just spent the last four years studying her work.

I found a video of her commencement speech but you have to fast forward through the rest of the ceremony so it may not be worth it unless you really have an interest in Syracuse University’s graduating class of 2005.

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