October 3, 2010

Baked Project #10

Victory at last!! I have attempted making Yorkshire Puddings so many times and each time ending with us throwing away a burnt eggy mess. I was told that in order to make Yorkshires, the oil in the cupcake tray had to be smoking and that I need to let the mixture sit for at least half an hour before using it.

God bless Delia because she says the oil needs not be smoking nor that you have to let the stuff sit. So finally my Yorkshires came out perfect! I also tried baking one big one in a tray and that came out perfect too! Yay to success.

So now I have to wait for my husband to finish the rest of the Sunday roast so we can eat them. For anyone not in the UK, Yorkshire Puddings are a crispy bread-like roll that has an indent in the middle for gravy.

My husband's granny used to make a roast every single Sunday and he started not to appreciate them. Now we have them occasionally and on Christmas so its a bit of a treat. MMM roast potatoes, roast parsnips (the best root veg ever!) and Yorkshires. The actual roast beef is my least favorite part of the meal funny enough. But the gravy that comes from it is amazing. I am in fact hungry while writing this so hence the major food love.

I am working on non baking things at the moment too. I haven't been to a sewing class in a month due to my and my sewing teacher's time conflicts but I'm due to go to class on Wednesday with people I haven't met yet. And for my cotton anniversary (which was on Monday) I am knitting my hubby a pair of socks. I'm at the heel on the first one so I've got ages to go.

But most of my spare time has been spent on redesigning my actual website! Every time I think I'm done something goes terribly wrong. Boo. Anyways that is a long-winded blog post. Hurry up dinner!!

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