October 5, 2010


So thus far thus blog has been a place for me to talk about the stuff I have made. Today I made something important though I don't have a photo to show it. I (along with my ever supportive and perfect husband) made the decision I should resign from my job. So I did it today. I handed in my resignation and now I have to wait out the four weeks until I am truly free of that place.

It has been a year and a half of misery working there. From office politics to the fact that I am too sensitive for certain subjects (who knew), and the hour and a half commute, it was not the easiest of jobs. The money was good so there was a plus and it allowed me to slowly purchase all the gear I need to go freelance (which is what I am doing).

I am so incredibly excited at the prospect of ending this part of my life (and it really took over my life for awhile) and entering a new phase. Yay!!

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