November 14, 2010

Birthday and Incompleted Items...

Friday was my birthday. 31 is a very very scary number especially when your husband is still 29 (for another month anyway). But I got two huge boxes shipped over from my momma in the states and as always she thoroughly spoiled me rotten. My darling husband baked me lasagna and cupcakes mmm.

But I feel bad because I haven't added much to this blog lately. I feel guilty crafting when I should be a) trying to get freelance jobs and b) studying for my "Life in the UK" test that I have to take in December in order to get my Visa renewed. Boo. But I have done some things.

I finished my first dress in class on Thursday but I need to photograph it still. I have made three mini stockings for my Christmas tree (I know I'm starting early but it will take me ages to make the 12 I want to complete). I am working on fingerless gloves and I completed one sock for my husband. The first one was for our anniversary and I'll make the second for Christmas or his birthday (its Dec 23rd).

So hopefully I'll have photographs to add soon. But for now I'll just have a photo of my birthday cupcake.


  1. Love your blog :) Hope you had a very happy birthday!! I had to laugh with the bit about you giving your husband a sock on different occasions--that's so cute!

  2. Aww thanks, it's nice waking up to a lovely comment. If I don't start soon on his other sock though my husband will be getting it for Valentines Day!!