November 29, 2010

{A} Gap Cowl Scarf, {B} A Kanken Classic, {C} Gap socks, {D} Interchangable Knitting Needles, {E} Gap ribbed tights, {F} Old Navy Beaded Cardigan, {G} Old Navy Cardigan in Silverback, {H} Old Navy Cardigan in Cocoa

My mom usually requires our Christmas lists by Thanksgiving, but since I'm so far away she gives me a little leeway. My birthday is in November and she bought me every single thing I put on my birthday list and all were for my freelance photography business. What can I say, I have the best momma ever! She always spoils me rotten.

So this year Billy and I didn't want anything for Christmas excepts contributions towards my visa that we have to renew in January. But of course momma wouldn't have that. She says she doesn't care if she gets anything because the fun for her is in the giving.

But I am a bit stuck. I have been on all my favorite sites... Anthropologie, Gap, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters... but there haven't been many things that struck my fancy. Grr. So the list above was the best I can do. I have a lot of cardigans on there because it is one of the few things I can wear year round in Edinburgh. Usually there are hundreds of things that I want and as I am just starting out freelancing funds are not that abundant for Billy and me. Billy had his list done well before me. But his birthday is on Dec. 23rd so his was a combo list.

For my mom this year, I want to make her a few things. I know its getting late in the game but I haven't had time to think about this. I think I will make her this makeup brush bag or something else sewn. I embroidered her this months ago and I have a skirt I bought in Madrid and tulip bulbs in a naff porcelain clog from Amsterdam. But I can never have enough stuff for my momma. She loves to garden so I guess maybe a gardening apron like this.

So much to do.

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