March 11, 2011

Is it March?

Isn't March supposed to signify the end of winter heralding in Cherry Blossoms, lighter jackets and mitten-less hands? Well here in Scotland we have shifted backwards with a forecast of heavy snow for this weekend. Oh how much longer can I be forced to endure this winter! I have been really excited by the daylight lasting past 3pm and one day I was out sans hat and gloves. But no, spring is just a tease. That’s not very nice spring.

But after watching the earthquake footage from Japan, I think I’ll stop my whinging and gladly take the snow.

This week I have been busy shooting and giving tutorials. I spent a lot of my free time putting together a Power Point Presentation on how to photograph jewelry and I worked on my photostory I am doing with Billy on a Hip-Hopper. Here are some photos of my shoots from the week. Soon I'll add photos from my trek up Arthur’s Seat on Sunday (Yes, I made it!).

(1) Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion up on Calton Hill.
(2) Old Firm Summit on Violence with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond (he is Scotland’s Prime Minister).
(3) “Guerilla” lighting of Edinburgh’s buildings with torches (big flash lights)

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