March 18, 2011

What I’ve been doing this week,

I just got back from a job interview for a very cool position so fingers crossed. The rest of this week I have spent time working on a tutorial and working on a few assignments.

Big news!! I get to go pick out a brand new Mac laptop tonight! Yippee! I’ve been using my ancient Powerbook since university, which is a good advertisement for the durability of apple products, however it is not condusive to a busy photography business.

I am also getting my haircut today for the first time in about a year. Ever since the “I want to look like Jean Seberg” incident of May 2010, I have been growing out my locks with occasional usage of a razor in hand to keep away the mullet.

So it’s a big Friday for me.

Protest against wind farming.
Publication of the Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage report.


  1. Ah! I also had a “I want to look like Jean Seberg” incident...ah ah ah.

    I hope that you will get the cool job :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I want to see pre- and post- haircut pictures!

  3. Well, in order to get my hair to grow out it was "necessary" to chop it all off. So now I'm back to super short hair in the back but with fringe in the front. I think I'll wait til it grows out a bit for photos!!