March 19, 2011


Billy and I live next to Murrayfield rugby stadium in Roseburn. Usually it's a nice and quiet neighborhood and there's a lovely park on the street behind us. But on match day the quiet goes away and is replaced with pipers playing "Flower of Scotland" on repeat, trailers that sell hamburgers and chips, merchants selling scarfs with the team logo made from the lowest quality wool available, and the fans.

Rugby fans are far better than football fans as they don't instigate mayhem. They dress up as smurfs and centaurians and of course there are kilts. We sit in our window seat on the third floor and watch as thousands of people fill our humble street after the game. It starts out slowly and then it picks up and a wall forms. It's amazing to watch and its funny to see them notice us. We always wave.

But today we needed to get out. Usually it's really strategic on game days. We either stay in all day or leave all day and its quite frustrating have to plan our lives around a sport we don't even like. We headed Fife-ward again and went towards Dundee to Tentismuir Nature Reserve where there is a beach and a forest. Its really beautiful and there is a point where seals hang out but it was quite far and we weren't really up for the hike.

Then we headed through St. Andrews towards Anstruther to have fish and chips from a shop voted Best in Britain. So good.

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