August 2, 2010

Knitting Project #1

So, I know it is summer time and the last thing I should be doing is knitting a winter hat, but after a long hiatus with my needles I found myself really wanting to make something. I don't like supper slouchy berets because they make my head look weird, so I found this tutorial on the Purl Bee website.

My hat is a bit different because I only had one skein of wool to use. Last year for our anniversary, Billy and I went to the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. There I found the most remote knitting shop I had ever seen. We drove for miles on single track roads stopping for the highland coos (cows) and finally came to Shilasdair. I could only afford one skein as it was a bit pricey and well my husband was there so I couldn't sneak a few more. So this hat is my remote isle anniversary hat!

I am going to make it again with red wool that I have a ton of. I had to cut so many rounds out of my Shilasdair hat that it doesn't really resemble the tutorial hat. It was super easy and a nice relaxing project.

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