August 13, 2010

Knitting Project #2

So this hat will look great on a 8 year-old. On me it looks like a small ski cap. But I really do like the pattern. I used US 9 double-pointed needles for the whole project. I will be making this hat again for me in the gauge recommended. I could see this hat in several colors so I might make many for the dark days of winter.

It is a super easy pattern to make. I used a cable needle instead of the stitch holder I have always used. Wow the difference is incredible! It is so much easier to knit straight off the cable needle. Why oh why did I not try this before?


  1. Su Blu!! it's so beautiful, I am so impressed! What kind of yarn did you use? The color is amazing .. and that pattern is gorgeous, I love the cables. Looks like it took forever, I still haven't been brave enough to try cables!


  2. Thanks again! This knitted this in about four days but it could be done in one if you had super strong hands that don't get sore (which I don't have). The wool is Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Blood Red. I bought it in Atlanta when I lived there. Cables are super easy to use. You just put some stitches on a cable needle and hold it to the front or back. Then you knit from your normal needle for a few stitches, then you knit the ones on your cable needle. Easy Peasy. Go and try it.