February 4, 2011

A rant...

It really annoys me when I get called certain things. Do you have pet peeves with it comes to what people call you?

I hate being called a Yankee. In the UK a Yankee is anyone from the states. But in the states, a Yankee is someone from New England or just the North in general. Being from Florida, as south as you can get, you can understand why that bugs me.

I hate being called "sweetheart" or "darling" by men. It really grinds on my nerves. Even in the north of Scotland, in the middle of nowhere I got called "darling" by an old man in a petrol station. Grr. But here's the kicker; I call guys "sugar" all the time. I can't help it. Its weird and I know its a double standard.

I don't like to be called Susie. My momma is the ONLY person I'll let get away with it. I was called Susie during my formative years and when I became a teenager I forbade anyone from adding the "sie" to my name.

And, the reason for this post, I hate being called a "Snapper." In the UK, a snapper is someone who takes photos. Pro photogs call themselves that and I find it terribly derogatory. To me it denotes someone who has no skill what-so-ever, someone who just picks up a camera, sets it on automatic, and click there's a photo.

Not that there is anything wrong with someone who uses an automatic setting, but for a professional it is incredible annoying. I have worked my butt off for years in university and in many, many internships, freelance and full-time photography jobs to get where I am. I don't just snap, I take time and compose a photograph.

So please, I beg you, don't call me a Yankee Sweetheart Susie Snapper.

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