February 15, 2011


Valentine's day isn't one of my husband's favorite "holidays." But he knows that I am a sap so he came home with pretty flowers, a lovely card and the most amazing book ever.

"Make Do and Mend," a book from the second world war put out by the government and republished by the Imperial War Museum. It taught women to make the most of every bit of clothing they had and it tells you the proper way to store clothes, dry boots, mend stockings... I am grateful I don't need to do those things, but I do appreciate not wasting clothes.

Unfortunately we had workmen in our flat all day putting in new windows and they got there so early I literally rolled out of bed and answered the door bra-less and with unbrushed teeth... poor guys... My flat was/is covered with wood dust blah.

So for my part of V-Day, I made my husband red velvet cupcakes in heart shaped molds with a hot pink butter cream frosting. When Billy came home from work the workers were just leaving, I was covered in dust, still bra-less, with hot-pink frosting all over my hoodie. What a catch!

This makes me really really happy that I am married and he loves me regardless.

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